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It’s a challenge to find survival games with genuine tension and real consequences. That’s why this hub exists. I scour Steam, Reddit, Discord, emails, Facebook, blogs, and beyond to uncover the gems that fit this theme and align with our pillars.


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My name is Jordan. Gamer for decades, but it’s been all about survival for the last five years since The Long Dark hooked me. Love exploring true survival games, EDC, and nature—it’s all part of the same niche. At heart, we’re all about survival—whether it’s mastering the wild in games or finding the perfect everyday carry.

I love digging into research to uncover hidden game gems and cheering on devs who get it right. Currently collaborating with my wife on (hopeful, future) game projects. Former Discord admin for Green Hell, currently for The Infected, Derelicts, and others.


Unicorn Survivalist

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